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Happy New Year Y’all!!! 

I hope it has started off well for y’all.  I know if you’ve been following me for a while you may recall a few post back that I wrote about how I joined Periscope. Here is a link to that post if you missed it.  PERISCOPE….Anyone??  

Since I joined Periscope, I also created a Facebook closed group for embroiders who are interested in sharing ideas, tips, questions etc.. via Periscope.  I thought a group could allow us to chat about what we’d like to see or talk about on Periscope.  Of course anyone with an embroidery machine can join the group even if they did not want to Periscope. 

My goal with the group is to keep it small.  I know a lot of us are members of extremely large embroidery Facebook groups.  When large numbers are part of a group, it has been in my experience that questions and comments sometimes go unnoticed depending on how many people are posting that particular day. 

I have also received several comments from my readers saying that they can not find the PeriStitches Facebook group to request to join.  Here is a link to that group: 

PeriStitches Periscope Embroidery-Monogram Group    UPDATE AS OF JANUARY 13, 2017  THE FACEBOOK GROUP IS EMBROIDERY-MONOGRAM LIVE. 

Again, it is small so please be patient with it as it grows.  Also, please follow me on Periscope at Miss Nola’s Monogramery @RamiParker to watch my scopes.  I have only had one scope so far because I am in need of followers…….how sad does that sound???   No need to scope if no one is watching. 

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4 thoughts on “The PeriStitches Periscope Embroidery-Monogram Group FACEBOOK Page

  1. carol glover says:

    i am so new at embroidering and can not find answers to questions ie: how do you monogram with pe770 and do you need another program to set monograms up?

    • ramiparker says:

      Welcome to the addicting world of embroidery. Yes you do need another program to monogram three letter monograms with your PE770. Do you have the PE Design program that allows you to transfer your designs from the computer to the machine? Or is that even needed anymore??? It’s been so long since I used my PE770 that they may have started making it with a USP port. I would recommend you trying a free trial of Sew What Pro. I will be honest and tell you that I have NEVER used that program, because I have other programs that came free with my machine but they are NOT that user friendly. Sew What Pro sounds to be user friendly and I know that you can get a free month’s download from the Internet. You need a program that will allow you to merge the monogram letter by letter. Have you searched YouTube? Are you on Periscope? I don’t know how to do video’s on YouTube but I am on Periscope where I could do a live video for you on how I merge my letters.

  2. Rene' Maloon says:

    Tried to find you on Facebook, but unable to so far. I have your Pinterest post on pricing and use that as a guide for pricing-it also coincides with what my “embroidery teacher” told me. I have been sewing,quilting & doing Embroidery work for quite a few years. People don’t get it, the cost of doing work for them. I have a lovely couple from my church that went into “sticker shock” when I told them the cost of their custom ordered embroidery work I’m doing…& I didn’t charge them for hooping. Yes, I do charity work for my church as well as my family, but why do people think it should be free or “cheap”? Having a hard time with peoples attitude. I have to pay for my thread, my designs & had to pay for my embroidery machine, I also never thought about “wear & tear” on my machine. Thanks for a good site.

    • ramiparker says:

      Thanks for reading!! People just don’t realize the work that goes into a design or monogram. I changed the name of the group recently and have yet to make a post about it. Look on Fb for Embroidery-Monogram Live.

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