Are You Ready for Game Day?

Today is College Color Day!!! Geaux Tigers! I only spent one semester at LSU, but I’m from the south, and we can’t help ourselves but to cheer on our home state team. As I prepared to get Hallie ready for College Color Day at her school (the students could wear a college color shirt), I started wondering if you were ready for game day. Of course this post screams purple and gold, but I do have lots of options that may just be the right colors for your favorite team.

This is Hallie’s shirt for school today. Most of you know that I do not stock shirts. Not to mention, shirts are NOT my favorite thing to work on…..I always seem to mess them up, and I can not replace them. They take sooooooo long with all the prep work, and they are quite costly due to the numerous stabilizers involved. However, this design is so cute and versatile that I think it would be precious on a burlap garden flag with maybe a single family initial and/or family name. If you look closely you may be able to see the chevron pattern in the stitching of the font.

A garden flag for your team would make a great addition to your tailgating decorations. Remember what I did with the burlap garden flag I made for my niece’s dorm room door? (see below) Just imagine it on a garden flag pole that you can stick in the ground at your tailgating gathering. I have so many ideas for football season that I can not produce them as fast as I think of them.

Speaking of tailgating………Do you have your team hat to keep the sun out of your eyes and off of your face?

What about your team water bottle koozie to keep your water cold…..or any other favorite beverage you drink when you tailgate?

What about your team melamine? Why not go all out and serve your tailgating treats on your very own personalized platter or tray that has not only been personalized with your name but in your favorite team color.

“Go Team” is very generic and can be substituted for any slogan you’d like added to your personalized platter. Below are a few different examples of how I can create the platters/trays to represent other teams. I will always cheer for LSU, but let’s be honest……..who doesn’t love houndstooth and the color red.

This one is VERY generic………get creative and let me produce it.

Contact me if you are interested in any of the items you see here. I will be happy to help you.

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