“How To” …..Appy the Raggy Patch to a Hat

Raggy Hat Patch instructions for you to print.  Please see below for a step-by-step visual.  Many of my followers have gotten a patch from me to apply to their own hat.  Some of you might be thinking of getting a patch for a hat so I thought I would share with you just how easy it is to apply the patch to your own hat.   I also noticed that this was the most searched for topic on my blog so why not add it for all to read.

You will need a hat, a patch and E6000 glue.

  Contact me if you need a patch.  Patches are round and oval. 

Fold patch in half to find the center of the patch.  The crease in the center will help you place it on the center of your hat. 

This marking pen shown below is totally optional.  It is to mark the center of your patch so you can align it with the center of the hat.  This particular marker  will fade when water is applied.  I applied two small dots on my crease.  The crease will stay there if  you choose not to use a marking pen. 

Turn the patch over.  Notice the stitching on the back in the shape of the oval.  Use the stitches as a guide to apply your glue.  I recommend staying on the inside of the stitches.  Any glue outside of the stitches may have a tendency to ooze out from the patch when applied with pressure to the hat.  It is clear and will dry clear but could possibly show. 

I use the tip of the glue like a paint brush to spread the glue.  The glue flows practically by itself so no need to apply a lot of pressure when painting the back of your patch with the glue. 

Even when you are finished spreading the glue, the glue will want to ooze out of the tip.  Make sure you have something to let it flow on to. 

Most hats have a seam in the center.  Line up your crease/marking pen dot with the center of the hat.  Gently apply pressure.  Smooth out the crease on this step if you can still see the crease.   Some of the glue will ooze towards the outer edge of the hat.  Be careful it does not ooze out on to the front of your hat.  Again it will dry clear but could possibly be seen.  You may need to hold it in place for a few minutes to make sure it adheres to the hat.  E6000 is fully cured in 24 hours so let your hat sit for 24 hours. Once it is cured, it is waterproof and pretty much permanent.  

If you used a marking pen, spray or use a wet q-tip to remove the dot. 

Don’t forget to contact me if you would like a patch. 


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