Behind the Scene of Embroidery: The Challenge of Monogramming an Over-Sized Tote

In theory an over sized tote bag would be an embroiders easiest items to embroider next to a towel.  The fast frames would be used with sticky stabilizer.  The biggest challenge then would be centering the tote on the fast frame…… but not all over sized totes are created equal.  Some are lined with a liner that is sewn in the tote only along the top of the tote as shown in the picture below.  With a loose liner, only one layer can be secured to the sticky stabilizer, and unfortunately it’s the liner layer of the tote.  The layer that will have the monogram on it, will need to be pinned to secure it on the frame. (As shown in picture #5 below) 

Then, as if the liner was not a big enough challenge in itself,  some over sized totes have pockets inside in the front of the bag and in the back of the bag as shown below.  

In some cases a tote like this could not be monogrammed with out embroidering the pocket closed, but this zipper pocket was large enough that the fast frame was able to fit inside of the pocket.

The size of this monogrammed depended on what size fast frame was going to fit in the pocket.  I was able to use the fast frame with a 4.5 x 5.25 opening which allowed me to put a 3.5″ monogram on it nicely.  Since the monogram was of the larger size, the font was digitized using the fill stitch. This is stitch is great for totes because it’s a tighter stitch for something that will get a lot of wear and tear on it. This fill stitch does require more stitches which will cost a little more, but it creates a nicer quality of monogram as shown in the last picture.



Thank you for taking a minute to understand a little behind the scene of embroidery.      

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