Show & Tell Friday: Monogrammed Straw Hats

For over a year now, I have admired several posting in my “embroidery group” of monogrammed floppy straw hats. I bought one last summer, hung it on a hook and never monogrammed it until last week when I had a customer bringing me straw hats to monogram.

Knowing they were on their way with the straw hats, I thought it would be a good time to get my floppy straw hat out so I could use it as a “tester”.  Remember in the sentence above I said that I hung it on a hook?  I guess I forgot to mention that since then I caught Hallie “Audrey Hepburn” Parker using it one day back in January or February to play.

My floppy straw hat  was nowhere to be found by the time the customer arrived.  My only hope was to drill Hallie when she arrived home from her last day of school in hopes that she remember where she put it when she was finished playing.  You can imagine how that went with an excited eight year old on her last day of school.  She could not remember where she put the hat on that cold winter day when she pranced around as if she was “My Fair Lady”.

I looked in all the places that I thought a little girl with lots of junk filled tote bags would have put a floppy straw hat.  I finally gave up on my search.  I  just figured that I would have to practice on one of Kenny’s (the husband… my husband) straw hats that he wears to cut the grass or get a new straw hat to practice on.  It was right about that time that the little girl had to practice her piano.  Like she always does, she wanted to make a deal with me…..she would practice her  piano IF  I got down the ukulele that was on the top shelf in her closet.  Really…a ukulele?  She wanted to play that ukulele that she had to have from one of our cruises to Cozumel. It’s been in her closet forever.  I forgot we had it.  I thought that was WEIRD, and I have been long over making  deals with her, BUT the top shelf of her closet was the one place I had not looked for the straw hat.  AND…………….


Right  next to  the little purple ukulele was the floppy straw hat.  Funny how God does that, huh? It’s also funny that it was so high and behind a pile of folded jeans that there was no way Hallie could have put it there.  It must have been Kenny because I WOULD HAVE REMEMBERED where it was if I put it there.  Hehe!

Audrey Hepburn was such a classic beauty.  She can be found photographed in many straw hats.  I would like to think that if monogramming was the craze back in the day of such a Hollywood Classic  that she too would have had her straw hats adorned with her set of initials.

If you have a tightly woven straw hat and would like me to monogram it, please contact me.  I am monogramming one day a week.  If it is a rainy week, I may monogram twice that week.  LOL!

For tips and/or a step by step tutorial on “How to Monogram a Straw Hat” click here.

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