Home Sweet Home “State” Monogram Hats

 I am so proud of the way these hats came that out I have to share it with you here on my blog.   If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen my latest post on these hats.  It was actually a request from a friend/customer.  She asked for the state of Louisiana to be on her hats, and as we sat with each other talking about monograms for her other items, she had this BRILLIANT idea to add her monogram to Louisiana.  Then as I played with her initials in the state, I added a heart over the parish we live in.  Funny enough….. as I told her I was adding the heart, she laughed because she was wondering silently to herself if there was something I could add to the applique to mark her “Home Sweet Home”.

I also took the idea of putting a heart over the cities/parish and placed a fleur-de-lis over NOLA in honor of beloved Who Dat Nation and a paw over Baton Rouge for all of the tiger fans.

To be able to get the applique as close to the bill of the hat and as large as I could, I created it as a patch and glued it on the hat as I do with the raggy oval and circle patches.  If you’d like a state patch for a hat you have, you may bring me the hat or contact me for a patch. If you choose to apply the patch yourself, I will send instructions on how to apply it with the patch.  I have the designs for most of the southern states.  The heart can be placed anywhere in the state that you call home sweet home. 

I have also recently created a page on the blog under both  “DIY Projects” and “Embroidery”  on How to Monogram a Baseball Cap using Fast Frames.  If you embroidery, you may want to check it out.  

Thanks for taking the time and spending a few  minutes with me here on my blog. 


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