Show & Tell Friday: My Green Thumb

I know I’m tardy with my Show & Tell Friday.  It’s not that I was forgetting this week….it’s just been one of those days at the end of the school year with three kids.  ONE MORE WEEK TO GO!!

This Friday, I am sharing with you one of my latest Pinterest projects. This project started when my girlfriend pin it and told me she was going to make this distressed pot for her mother in law for Mother’s Day.  I loved it so much, I copied! Not only did I make one for my mom (shown below) for Mother’s Day, I made two pots for myself  (shown above).

The pot for my mom was just a little lagniappe to go with her “real” gift which was the book The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith. (I’ll tell you about her in another post.) At first I thought I would just give my mom the pot and let her put in it her plant of choice.  Then after I thought about it for several days, I decided that it would make a better showing with a plant in it.  I already knew that my larger pot was going to be the pedestal for an artificial ivy wreath.  My mom is a BIG fan of this artificial plant display so I did not think I could go wrong if I put one in her pot as well.  She absolutely LOVED her gift, and I think a few other moms and daughters (my sisters and nieces) loved my mom’s gift as well.

My mom’s personalized distressed clay pot with the ivy wreath.

I am such a big fan of the artificial ivy wreath because this is as  green as my thumb gets……….

That would be full of green debris from the green styrofoam used in constructing the artificial ivy wreath.  If you would like construct your own ivy wreath, the step by step instructions along with links to “how to distress a pot with an image transfer” can be found under my page “DIY and PROJECT FUN:  Artificial Ivy Wreath in a Distressed Clay Pot

Shhh!! Don’t tell, but the succulent plant in the smaller pot in the first picture is also artificial.  LOL!!!  I know you probably already figured that out, but I was hoping that you were viewing it from 2′ distance.  😉

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