Burlap and Chevron…..Don’t you just LOVE them! <3

My oldest niece heads off to LSU tomorrow.   Seems just like yesterday when I was in my own college class waiting for it to be over so I could call to see if she had been born.  I had a cell phone then but it was in a large bag that I kept in my car for emergencies only….Ha!!

She will be going through RUSH so she gets to move in a week or so before those who will not RUSH.  Soooo just in case there is a door decorating contest, I made her a little something.  I’m hoping she will be the talk of the hall, but moms of daughters can be so competitive these days that this may hang among many swanky door decos………….OKAY,  aunts of nieces can be a little competitive too!!!  LOL!!


I took my 12×8 burlap garden flag and hung it on a dowel stick.  I adorned the sides of the flag with ribbons tied around the dowel.   I then capped off the ends of the dowel with dowel caps…..or I like to call them finials.

I will offer this flag soon with another special “Go Team” flag that I have in the works.  Who dat  can guess which team it will represent??? 😉 LOL!! Speaking of………kick off in 65 minutes!

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