Hello…..It’s Me

Hello…..It’s me!!  I’m in Louisiana dreaming of the way it use to be.  Well, honestly it’s just been about the same as far as……I am still the WORLD’s WORST BLOGGER.  I am averaging one blog post a year here.  Who knows if it will change but I appreciate your patience and willingness to follow a lame blogger. I’m going to shoot for one a week or one every two weeks.  My fingers are crossed because that is what I am hoping for and also because that may or may not be lie. 

What has been going on over the past year….. 

  •  The periscope Facebook group is now called Embroidery-Monogram Live.  Periscope is a great app, and I love to watch the live videos, but Periscope comes with lots of creepers. If you do Periscope, you know what I am talking about.   I also find that more people are familiar with Facebook Live and since the group is on Facebook, it just makes sense to do live videos from Facebook itself.  BUT guess what? I have a hard time videoing myself live doing embroidery work because it’s so hands on that it doesn’t allow for a free hand to video.  I also find that since it’s such a small group that the posts get lost in the members’ newsfeeds. I will be making it a secret group once it hits 150 members.  I like the idea of small community although that has it’s faults such as not a lot of action as well as large groups having problems.  I find that in the large groups I am in….too many women = a lot of drama. 
  •  I have gotten back into the vinyl world.  I had one of the first Cricuts ever made, and I use to do a lot of vinyl work, but the older machine and software that I had, had me    limited  so I used it very seldom.  WELL….say hello to my NEW little friend, the Silhouette Cameo 3 and it’s work horse companion the heat press (said in my best gangster voice).  


I am learning so much about it and its software that I can not believe I waited so long to upgrade to it.  I hope to get comfortable enough with it to start sharing some of it with you.  I can incorporate my applique designs into the Silhouette’s design software and have the machine cut out the fabric of my applique design.  I have not done that yet but I CAN!!!

Here is my latest creation with my Silhoutte.  Yes….we are entering full Mardi Gras mode here in the South along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana all the way to Alabama. This is on a shirt for my daughter but would be so cute on a flour sack towel. The street car came from and artist on Etsy.

  •   I have discovered the world of Bullet Journaling.  I know I have blogged about my binder planner that I created “to do list” pages for and how I tailored it to my needs, but that binder just became too bulky. The “rings” in binders are NOT my friend. Looking for a replacement for the binder on Pinterest, I stumbled across Bullet Journaling aka bujo…..just search #bujo on Instagram or search Bullet Journaling on Pinterest.  If you’re a creative junkie like me, you won’t be able to help but to get obsessed with some of it.  Before I had even gone to the binder, I used journals that I had picked up from TJ Maxx to keep grocery/shopping/semi-to do list in so I knew I loved the convenience of a slim hard-cover journal.  I have been doing Bullet Journaling now for year, and I am in my second journal.  I  had the first one filled up before November arrived so the second journal started in Nov. 2016.  With my second journal, I bit the “bullet” and invested in a Luechtturm 1917 Dotted Pages journal.  Prices on this journal vary, but Amazon (my go to for all my shopping needs) has a wide variety of price ranges. 


I’m in love <3!  I still sit down every night and write out my “daily to do list” for the next day. 

I have a spot that a put the year at a glance to write upcoming appointments because I add a monthly calendar in the journal as I come to the month. 

And yes I do make hair appointments months in advance.  My stylist gets booked quickly. 

You’ll also see that I have a page for Gift Ideas.  For three of my  nieces at Christmas, I set them up with a Bullet Journaling Starter Kit….

journal, washi tape, pens, glue and blank calendars pages printed from my computer. 

Every page is used in order as I come to it daily….if that makes sense. 

For example:  I have a November calendar in the planner and the daily list for the days in November or notes that follow are behind the calendar. I will not add the December calendar until the last few days in November have arrived. 

The sticky tabs you see with T-NBS is for the tentative newborn sessions I assist with. 

For about a year and a half now I have been assisting a newborn photographer….K’s Newborn Photography and since baby births are unpredictable,

I use sticky tabs to mark the tentative photo session date. 

My pages are kept fairly simple.   

Each week I begin with a Grocery-Shopping List and Weekly Meal Plan.

Then I have my daily “to do list” which is pictured above.

I often have pages where it’s a different list of some sort or notes taken at a meeting or a phone conversation with …..let’s say AT&T {ONLY FOR AN EXAMPLE ;-)} 

  • My mother in law passed away this past year.  My husband is the executor of the family estate he is in the process of selling their family home.  This is the house below and it’s listing.  It was built in the early to mid 1970’s and that is where it is today.  There has been two upgrades in the home since it was built.  They put new wallpaper in the kitchen and new flooring in the kitchen as well as carpet throughout the house in the 90’s.  The downside to that is that when they upgraded in the 90’s, it was with stuff from the 70’s.  This house has GREAT bones and has nice high land for south Louisiana.  It just needs the help from Chip and Joanna Gaines.  I could so see this house painted white with grey shutters to give it a nice farm house look.  I also have lots of ideas to bring it into the current century, but this is a project that my husband I and do not have the desire to invest in……we still have our empty lot in Bay St. Louis that we are hoping to build on within the next year. 

975 Davis Landing Rd

  • I have a senior.  I know….I can’t believe it either.  I know I don’t look or act a day over my senior year myself (hehe!!) so how did this happen??? He will be graduating in May from NOCCA, New Orleans Center for Creative Arts.  Right this minute he is in Miami for Young Arts.  He was a finalist this year and was invited to spend a week in Miami for workshops and talks from YA alumni and other artist.  I will see if he will let me share some of his work on my blog with you. Below is my Christmas card that I sent out for 2016.  I had asked him for years to sketch him and his siblings.  For years he turned me down, claiming that he was always too busy with school art projects.  His reasons for never doing it before did not stop me from asking again, and I’m so glad I did.  He FINALLY agreed. 

  • My middle boy started high school.  He is playing football and soccer.  Although he is just a freshman, he was able to join the varsity teams. (He was over my shoulder and wanted to make sure I mentioned that part.)  He has adjusted to HS very well.  My daughter started art classes this past year in hopes to follow in her oldest brother’s footsteps. 

I hope my Annual New Year’s post has found you doing well.  Hope you’re creating and cooking.  Thanks for hanging in with there with me with this blog.  I love when you chat with me. I try to respond to all of your questions and/or comments. 


Until next time…..

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