Raggy Patches


YOU can attach this patch yourself to your own hat or  visor.  Detailed instructions on how to attach the patch to a hat or visor will be delivered with the patch.

NO SEWING or IRONING is required

The circular patch shown below on the hat is 2.5″ in diameter with a 2″ circular initial set using the FANCY CIRCLE MONOGRAM. The oval patch shown below on the hat is 3.5″ wide and is about 2.25″ tall. The font is the same and edited accordingly to fit the oval. (Measurements do not include the area that is raggy.  Add about a 1/4″ to the measurements for the raggy area.)

This patch is not just for hats.  Put it on visors, backpacks, lunch boxes, sweatshirts, shirts, jackets, etc….  GET CREATIVE!!

To order a patch, contact me. I’ll be happy to share with you fabric patterns and send you a PayPal invoice. 



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8 thoughts on “Raggy Patches

    • ramiparker says:

      Thank you for asking. You can email me at info@missnolasmonogramery.com with exactly what you want or if you’d like to see sample fabrics I can send you some pictures. Once we work together on what you’d like, I can invoice you via PayPal. You can pay through them regardless if you have an account. If you’re local to me you’re welcome to come by and pick them up. If not I can mail them to you. I’ve mailed up to four/five patches for the price of a stamp. Directions on how to apply come with the patch.

    • ramiparker says:

      Appliqué Market has design if you have an embroidery machine. Otherwise, I’d be happy to work with you on making you a monogrammed raggy patch.

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi Alison…
      Congratulations on the opening of your business. I know that is exciting and sounds like you have set a great goal to upgrade to a six needle. It will make running a business a lot easier. I am not familiar with a Brother PR 100 but if you’re having to transfer files from your computer to the machine via a stick drive/thumb drive, you’ll be disappointed to know that, that is exactly how I do it to my six needle machine with the two programs that I use. My machine can be connected to a computer and I am sure I could transfer my purchased fonts over to it. HOWEVER, I am not sure I’d be able to manipulate the fonts on my machine the way I can in the program on my computer. Now I am sure you could have the computer connected to machine and work within a program. The two programs that I use are Brother’s PE-Design Next and Brother’s Pacesetter BES Lettering. Both have built in fonts and designs as well as offer me the opportunity to import fonts and designs. I am sure I only use a small portion of both programs….especially the PE Design Next because it has the ability to digitize designs. I also know that PE Design next is pricey. My software came as a bundle with my machine purchase. I know that a lot of embroiderers us a program called Sew What Pro. I am not familiar with it at all. It is affordable and must be user friendly. It might be something you want check out along with program called Embird….I think. A few programs give you a free trial month. Good luck and come back to the blog and chat with me. I’d love to know what you decide to go with if you get a new program.

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