Monogrammed Grosgrain Ribbon


Thank you for your interest in my method of “How to Monogram a Grosgrain Ribbon”. I am not an expert by any means but through my eight years of monogramming, using Heat n Bond Lite to prep my ribbon has worked the best for me. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Materials needed: grosgrain ribbon, tear away stabilizer, Heat n Bond Lite, an iron or heat press and an embroidery hoop (WSS is optional. Grosgrain ribbon is a texture material so using it may produce a cleaner finish. I do not use it on my grosgrain ribbons, but on towels, fleece, and polo knit.)

I place my Heat n Bond Lite on to my ribbon. I know that I want the center of my monogram to be 2″ from the edge of my ribbon. You will need to figure out placement. It will depend on the type of bow you make. For my bows, I like the monogram to be two 2″ from the edge. My monograms are 2″ tall.

Once I have ironed on the HNBL, I let it cool to the touch. I have found that pealing away the backing too soon, takes some of the glue with the backing. It’s also too hot to touch as soon as you finish ironing it.

Now I am ready to iron the ribbon (HNBL face down on the tear away) to my stabilizer.

Now, mark the center and hoop. I could not find my marking pencil, so I marked my center with a piece of masking tape…..I haven’t forgotten yet to remove the tape. KNOCK on WOOD!!! (giggle)

Please excuse the debris of burlap in the photos. I embroidery a lot of burlap and its debris is a nightmare. All items are free of burlap debris when finished.

See….tape and guide removed!! πŸ˜‰

The ribbon is ready to be monogrammed.

Place on the machine and HAPPY MONOGRAMMING!!



Here is one of my finished bows.

  I’ve had a few comments about what the back of the ribbon looks like once I tear the HnBL from the tear away. A picture is posted below of the ribbon prior to making it a bow. I always make bows with my ribbon so the backs are never seen. The debris left behind from the HnBL or a little tear away left behind was never an issue. If the back of your ribbon will be seen, this technique may not be the one you want to use.   


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    • Hi,
      What kind of ribbon are you interested in getting? A bow or a straight piece if ribbon. I may be able to help or send you in a direction of what you’re looking for.

    • Hi Ellen

      Have you tried using the heat n bond lite on the back of your ribbon and ironing it to the tear away stabilizer? Make sure your heat n bond lite is about the same width as your ribbon….or just tenths of an inch smaller.

  1. The heat and bond worked great. Is there a way the excess heat-n-bond can be removed from the ribbon?
    Thanks, Ellen

    • Ellen,

      I’m glad to know that you had success with the heat n bond. I have never tried removing the excess of it from my ribbons. I have always made a bow or a headband with it so it’s never been an issue for me, BUT I’m thinking that if you save that piece of paper that you peeled away from the HnBL that you could lay it back on the area of the excess and apply the iron again. The heat MAY take it up from the ribbon… I’m not sure. I’m sorry I don’t have an absolute solution.

  2. I would love to see what the back looks like πŸ˜› I know you “tear away” the stabilizer but what about the little pieces between letters and such? Do you just leave it there? Thank you!

    • Hi Michele,

      I make bows with the ribbon I monogram so the backs are never really seen. I tear the ribbon away from the tear away and I remove what I can. I sometimes also squirt the back with a light squirt of water and lightly rub the tear away off of the back. I will update my post with a new picture and let you know when I do it. I wish I could add a picture to this comment but I don’t think I can.

    • Hey Michele……

      I just updated the post with a picture of the back at the end of the post. I hope this helps.

      Thanks for reading!!!!

  3. Thank you!! I was just wondering what I needed to do to the back for selling purposes. Was wondering if every piece of tear away, even between letters needed to be removed or if it is ok to leave a little πŸ˜› I appreciate your response and thank you for offering your advice!!!!

    • I have never had a problem with leaving it. I’ve made bows for now for at least 5 years and no one has ever said anything {knock on wood}. Once it’s assembled into the bow, the back is really not seen. I am not making bows for retail (store selling purposes), but friends have had their friends contact me for bows and never has anyone ever said anything. Good luck with them and “happy bow making”. :-)

  4. Hi! I am wondering if you can direct me to a good place to buy custom embroidered grosgrain ribbon? I need monogrammed ribbon for my friend’s bridal party, but her new name is impossibly long (fdkVObph…). Any leads would be much appreciated!! Thank you.

    • Hi Ainsley

      I think your best bet would be to find someone who embroiders to do this for you. I didn’t catch the name for some reason. It came across all scrambled. What exactly are you looking for? I’d be happy to help you with it. If your not local to me, we’d have to ship it and you’d have to really explain what it is you need. oR you could send a picture of a sample to my email. Or you can email me your location and I could try to find someone local to you so you can work face to face with them. I belong yo several embroidery groups on FB in which embroiders from all over the world are members. Email:

    • Best of luck to your business. I know embroidery is big in my area. I hope you do well and glad you found my info helpful. Thanks for commenting. Also….I just started a Facebook group for those who embroider and would like share ideas and projects on Periscope. It’s called PeriStitches. It’s a small group now but I’m hoping it will grow. Join me there if you’d like.