Embroidery Pricing Guidelines

This is a set of guidelines that I have found useful from embroidery forums of embroiders across the country. It’s just a guideline to use for pricing. I did not create it, but use it.  I have adjusted it  slightly to apply to me just as others have adjusted it to apply to them.  Please keep in mind that I do not stock a lot of items for resale.  Normally if  I do a job for someone, it’s for an item that they bring to me.

Set Up of Loading the Design/Hooping the item: FEE 5.00

  • No matter what type of embroidery job I have there is a base set up fee worked in the price.  Whether I need to just copy a design from my computer to my machine or if I need to work in my embroidery software to combine letters/ design, it takes a bit of time. I have spent up to an hour and a half on this step. Another time consuming step is the hooping of the item. To hoop the item, a lot of time is spent on placement and getting the hoop straight. I have spent thirty minutes on hooping sometimes. Thirty minutes and an hour and a half is NOT ALWAYS the case. Sometimes I can do these two steps in twenty-thirty minutes. I’m not even sure I’m working for minimum wage doing this part of the embroidery process…….LOL!!! The set up fee not only covers my time, stabilizer but it helps with the cost of the design.  As stated in my Embroidery 411, I explained how all of my designs are purchased from digitizers on the web.  I have collected designs since 2007 so I have quite the collection. I will purchase requested designs and split the cost with the requester.

Stitch Count for a Monogram or Fill Design: 1.00 per 1,000 stitches

  • This helps cover the cost of the thread and time on the machine. The machine is like an engine on a car. Every stitch is wear and tear. Remember the price of the machines..some are the price of a car. Machines need servicing just like a car. I am providing pictures so you can see just what I mean about stitch count. Of course the larger the design, the more stitches.
  • I used a fairly standard size monogram below…..3″ 3 letter monogram. The total stitch count is 5,222 which would equal 5.00.

Pricing: 5.00 Hooping + 5.00 (5,222 stitches) = 10.00

  • The next picture will show you how a larger single monogram can actually be more stitches than a smaller three-letter monogram. I want you to also notice the “fill pattern”. Some larger letters have larger/wider density in them. If these larger/wider letters are stitched with a satin stitch (which is the zig zag stitch that goes back and forth to form the letter and what we all think of as a monogramming stitch) the stitch is loose. Overtime of wear and tear on an item, a loose stitch is more likely to pop. The larger monograms are safer done with what is called a fill stitch or a split stitch (which is made up of several stitches moving back and forth the create the monogram). In turn, a fill stitch or a split stitch contains a little more stitches and may cost a 1.00 or so more, but in the long-term it is the nicer stitch for larger monograms.


Pricing: 5.00 Hooping + 6.00 (6,919 stitches) = 11.00

  • For an average size monogram expect to pay anywhere from 7.00-10.00. Anything 4″ and up will usually cost more.  Names are usually in the 8.00-10.00 price range as well.  Names that go beyond 2′ high and 5″ wide will cost more.  Remember that a tighter stitch is required which means more stitches.

This next picture shows the stitch count and size of a fill design. It’s of a 2″ cupcake using two colors.

Pricing: 5.00 Hooping +3.00 (3,333 stitches) = 8.00

  • I have a six needle machine which means it can handle six different color threads at one time. Most designs I have are six thread colors or less. If there is a design that requires a lot more thread colors, there may possibly be an additional charge for additional thread changes….. .25 -.50 a color.

Stitch Count and Fabric for an Applique Design: 1.00 per 1,000 stitches + 1.00 per fabric change/fabric cut

  • An applique design can add up quickly depending on the design. It involves a lot more work and a lot more consumables. An applique design as stated above is an embroidery design that is made up of stitches and fabric. An applique is a three-step process: 1.placement stitches 2. tack down 3. final stitch (usually a satin stitch finish) The machine basically has to stop between each step. The example below is an applique of the three letters of a middle school (Little Oak Middle).


Pricing: 5.00 Hooping + 9.00 (9,809 stitches) + 3 Fabric cuts = 17.00

  • The design will stitch out the placement of the design. This shows me where I need to place my fabric. Once it stitches out, the machine will stop and I will put the fabric (which has been prepped with Heat Bond Lite an additional cost to me which is factored into the cost of 1.00 fabric cuts/colors) over the placement stitches.
  • The next step in the applique process is the tack down of the fabric. This means the stitches will stitch directly over the placement stitches, tacking down the fabric to the embroidery blank. Once this step has finished, the hoop must be removed from the machine so the excess fabric can be trimmed around each stitch of the design. In the design sample above, most people want the same fabric for all three letters which means 1.00 for the one fabric color chosen. HOWEVER, this is a three-letter applique. It takes more to cut around three letters than it does say one letter with one fabric color. Depending on the size of the word, I may charge 1.00 per fabric cut. So instead of 1.00 per fabric color, it’s 1.00 per fabric cut. Again this will depend on the difficulty of cutting around the letters. Cutting around the L is a lot different from cutting around the O or the M.
  • This final step is satin stitch finish. It gives the design the bold thick outline.
  • Please know that if I have to purchase requested fabric, I will share that cost with a customer.

I hope that this guideline may help some of you who have wondered about the cost of embroidery.   I hope I was not too confusing. Embroidering is a costly and timely process. REMEMBER:  This is just a guideline to use for pricing. Although this formula has been shared across the country, all embroidery design pricing is subjective depending on the market in a particular area (I’m in Southeast Louisiana) as well as the difficulty of the job. Just as I stated above that I adjusted it  to apply to me, sometimes I have to adjust it to apply to the job.

A BIG IMPORTANT FYI: I also never put anything on my machine for under 7.00 no matter what the stitch count. Not many designs from start to finish take under 30 minutes so time plays a role there. How many people work for that????? I know of a lot of embroiders who won’t put anything on the machine for less than 10.00.




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134 thoughts on “Embroidery Pricing Guidelines

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi Brandi,
      Thanks for asking about the patch. It would be 10.00 and the instructions are on the site as well as a copy being mailed with the patch.

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi Tammy

      I follow the same guidelines for hats. However this is just a guideline to use. Depending on where you live, you may need to charge more.

    • ramiparker says:

      Yes. If you were to stock items you would charge them the cost plus. I guess the plus part would depend….possibly 10-20% if not more.

    • ramiparker says:

      I would accept the job if my schedule allowed. I don’t let embroidery job interrupt my family time especially during the holidays. I would also charge the same for every stocking. I would program a name of average length and charge that for every stocking. AND just because it’s 20, I would not discount due to it’s your time and the materials you will be using is costing you them same. That’s just my thinking. Larger number of items at a retail shop might be discounted because shops can order wholesale and the more they buy the cheaper they can buy it for, but for embroidery….I wouldn’t think it worked that way. YOUR TIME is GOLDEN!!!

      • Bobbi Klein says:

        I know this is a old post. But, at Christmas, I shut my machines down a week before Christmas. Start back the week after the 1st.

        • ramiparker says:

          Hey Bobbi….
          This might be an old post but people are still reading and taking in good advise. And with your 18 years of experience, you have learned a lot over the years. It’s “words from the wise”. So please always share here or on the FB page. I’m so glad you’ve found the page.

  1. Heather says:

    Hi! I’m in South Louisiana too. Thank you for the excellent information. What are your thoughts on 4″ cocktail napkins, a set of 12 with the same design? If you were taking the job, $7 each or would you offer a price for the “set” of napkins?

    • ramiparker says:

      Hey neighbor!!!
      What kind of design is it? What is your stitch count? How many color changes? Are you single needle or multi needle? Those are things I would take into consideration for sure….especially the color changes if you have a single needle machine. Is the 7.00 based on your stitch count? I surely would not sell myself short. If your 7.00 is based on the stitches, just because you are doing 12 doesn’t mean it will cost you less time or materials. (I hope that makes sense?) So if the 7.00 was based on my stitch count and it was a single color design, I honestly think I would give them a quote of 75.00. I would explain that according to the embroidery formula used by many embroiders, the job is an 84.00 job and that I’d do it for 75.00 which makes each napkin 6.25. They will feel like they are getting some sort of deal and you’re only short 9.00. I hope this helps.

      Are you on Facebook? I have started a private group with a few other gals from this area called PeriStitches. My goal is for us to share live broadcast on Periscope (new social media which allows live broadcast videos). I thought it would be fun for us to share what we are working on live. I’m the only one in the group that is on periscope so far. I’m working on the others. Please join it. You’ll have to find me on Facebook though. I only see that you’re Heather from my blog. We can chat in the small facebook group too about your question to see what the other gals would do in situations like the one you asked about. There are only 4-5 of us in that group so far.

    • ramiparker says:

      On Periscope follow me at Miss Nola’s Monogramery @Rami Parker. You’ll have to be request to be added to the group on Facebook PeriStitches or send me your name on Favebook and I’ll try to add you that way. Thanks for reading and being interested.

      • Deborah Long says:

        Tried to find PeriStitches on Facebook but it’s not coming up. I’m Deborah Thompson Long on Facebook and would love to join your group!

        • ramiparker says:

          I’m so excited that we may have another member. Although we really haven’t scoped on periscope but we don’t have any watchers yet. It’s all so new. I’ve requested your friendship on Facebook. It looks like I can only add you to the group if we are friends. So if you see a friend request from Rami Parker, it’s me.

  2. Tina Dominick says:

    I would have to charge in your lower price range for an average size monogram. I agree with everything you say, however in my area I just cannot get 1.00 per 1000 stitches once I get up where the stitch count is getting high. I do try to convince people to pick a font that does not have a zillion stitches. Thanks for this information.

    • ramiparker says:

      I understand what you’re saying. I adjust the pricing on a few monogram fonts since every font is made up of different number of stitches. Some of my fonts might be 3.5″ but made up of a difference of 2-3,000 stitches. So instead of charging 3.00 more for the same size different font, I charge what and average 3.5″ monogram would calculate to be. This is just a nice guideline to use. I have read where some charge 1.5-2.00 per thousand stitches……..there is NO WAY I could do that in my area.

      • Patty Draper says:

        In the shop where I work, we charge $1.50 per 1000 but no hooping fee. That keeps it in the same range.

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi Lisa,
      Thank you so much for letting me know you’re interested in joining our group and that it is hard to find. For me to add you without your request, I will need to friend you on Facebook. So look for my friend request from Rami Parker. Also here is the link to the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PeriStitches/
      Let’s see if this link will link you there as well.

    • Cheryl Vance Watson says:

      I would also like to join your group. I’m from North a Myrtle Beach, SC. I am looking for a North Carolina Tarheel embroidery design with a ram. I have an old one on floppy disk but my disk has gone bad. I have a machine that reads Pes. Can you help? On Facebook I am Cheryl Vance Watson

    • ramiparker says:

      Awesome!!!! That is great!!! Thank you for sharing. You’re surely not selling yourself short. It’s more work than people know…..its costly too.

  3. Rena says:

    Hello . My name is Rena McFarland . I live in Tennessee. Thanks for the price guide lines. I just sent you a FB request. Look forward to all the embroidery discussions.

    • ramiparker says:

      Hello Rena!!! Thanks for reading and joining the group. The group is new, and I’m hoping members will start interacting soon.

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi Kayla, I use Brothers’ PE Design Next and BES Lettering. They both came free with my machine. I really don’t think I would call them user friendly. I know a lot of folks use Sew What Pro. Have you tried that one?

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi Ashley,

      Welcome to the addictive world of embroidery. You’ll be monogramming anything and everything that sits still long enough. I’m glad you found me. I have invited you to the PeriStitches page through your email. Let me know if you did not get it. Happy Monogramming!!

      • Meagan says:

        Hello! I’m new to the embroidery business and would love to learn more! My name is Meagan Gallegos and I would love to be added to the group

        • ramiparker says:

          Hi Meagan
          Thanks for requesting to be added. I’m on my iPhone tonight. I’ll have to add you from my computer using your email address. Look for the invite tomorrow. Thanks!!

  4. kamilah pipkins says:

    I have a question, what if you do not own a computerized embroidery machine and do not know the stitch count? I have an old school machine with a Monogrammer attachment. It does 1.5 inch letters. What would be the charge per letter for that?

    • ramiparker says:

      Good morning Kamilah,

      What does monogramming/embroidery cost in your area? I think I would check that out and try to charge based on what others are charging. In my town, names are $8-10. Letters that are 1.5″ tall can produce quite a large name…especially if the name has a lot of letters in it. I would think 10.00 would be average. A lot of people won’t embroidery anything under 10.00.

  5. Barbara Knight says:

    What a thrill to find you. There seems to be so few sew addicts any more –especially embroidery. I would love to be your FB friend.

    • ramiparker says:

      Thank you Barbara! I’m glad you found me too. Please follow my FB page Miss Nola’s Monogramery and tomorrow when I get to my computer (on my iPad now and I’m limited to what I can do on it) I will add you to my private group on FB. It’s still in the beginning stages so there is not a lot of interaction in it but it’s growing.

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi Gwenda,

      Thank you for reading and reaching out to me. This is a really good question that I’m not sure I am the one to give a good answer. I have really never provided blanks to resell. I want to say that I read somewhere that you should charge your cost plus 20%. The 20% if I remember correctly is a percent to have to restock the item?????? I hope another reader will see this and respond. I would absolutely include the shipping in your cost factor.

  6. Maureen says:

    Hello, this has all been very helpful as I am new tho this – I am getting into embroidery and would love to join your group! Maureen Coelho

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi Maureen, thanks for reading. I’m away from my PC this weekend so when I get to it on Monday I will add you. For some reason I can’t add people to the group via their email from my iPad. I can add them if they request from the actual group but I can’t send you an invite to your email unless I’m on an actual computer. Be looking for it by email you submitted to me when you commented.

      Thanks again and welcome to the very addictive world of embroidery.

  7. Enecia.Miller says:

    By far the best advice I’ve been able to find, thus far! I am considering embroidery as a “side-gig” simply because of what I currently spend annually on personalized items for my sons and baby gifts for friends, relatives and co-workers! I am planning to start with a small machine, the Brother PE540D, so I know I’ll be limited, for a while at least, to the 4×4 hoop size jobs. Would love to hear any feedback on the machine and the limited work I’ll be able to do initially!

  8. Chantel says:

    Would by any chance an instruction video on how to and what’s the best machine under $1,000. I want to do my girls stuff but I need someone to show. But people don’t want to bc they see it as competition but I don’t plan selling anything. I just want to do my girls clothes.

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi Chantel…
      I totally get what you’re saying. People are sometimes hesitant to offer help due to the fear of competition. However there are a lot of people who do want to just make their children things. I suggest that you see if there is a Brother dealer in your area. I am only familiar with the Brother machines but there are several others out there…Janome and Bernina. I started with a Brother PE770-D (I think was the model). It was a single needle and cost about 800.00 10 years ago. I’ve since upgraded to a 6 needle. A lot of time the dealer will offer you lessons to get you started. Have you searched for videos on You Tube. I have learned a lot from videos on there. I don’t have my smaller machine to do an instructional video but I bet there is one out there. I’m not sure if I was any help to you. I do wish you luck…start with a dealer first.

      • Lisa Walters says:

        I am learning too, and I find a lot of videos on U-tube. This is so exciting. I love this blog and may want to join the FB. I have marked this blog as a favorite and will let you know, Ms. Parker. Thanks again ladies.

        • ramiparker says:

          So glad you’re enjoying the blog. I stay busy with three kiddos so I don’t write as much as I’d like to but should really make it a priority at least once a month.

  9. Sharon Noble says:

    I am just getting started. I have a Babylock Destiny and A Babylock 6 needle and am interested in joinng your group. I see you are only familiar with the Brother but Babylock is made by Brother. II have owned both but they seem to work about the same. I put in a request to join your group on facebook. My name is Sharon Noble. I live in Kentucky. Looking forward to joining your group. Your information here has helped a lot. I had no idea how to charge and am just getting started in taking orders for personalized items. If you furnish the item do you just charge what you paid for the item (such as hats etc) or add a certain percentage to the cost of the item ?

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi Sharon,

      Thanks for reading and requesting to join the group. I no longer furnish items, but when I did I would mark it up a LITTLE….not very much. I think they suggest you mark it up 10-20%. I am thinking this might be a good question to ask in the group.

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi there…. So happy to have a reader from the west coast. Thanks for reading. How’s does this pricing fair with your area?? I’ve never been out your way but hear how everything is so much more expensive there…..of course I’m not sure if they are talking about “everything” everything or just housing.

  10. Stacy DLR says:

    Greetings from the Florida Panhandle! I’m researching pricing guidelines for embroidery and came across this page. Very useful information. Pricing is probably the one thing that I’m having a hard time with. I am in the planning stages for an embroidery business and I will be working from home (with 2 kiddos). Unfortunately for me, I’m not really business savvy when it comes to behind the scenes stuff! My husband is better at that than I am. I have a single needle right now, but I am doing a lot of research on 15-16 needle machines….I’m at the point I’ve looked at this stuff so much all of it is running together hahaha I would love to join your FB group. :)

    • ramiparker says:

      Hey Stacy
      Thanks for reading and sharing your story. This can surely keep busy…..sometimes too busy. I think the best advice I can give you is to stay true to your the guidelines you will set up for yourself. For example: if you dedicate certain hours in the day to your embroidery, stick to them. If you don’t run it like an actual store front business, it will run you. And WOW a 15-16 needle machine?!?! That sounds awesome. You’ll have to keep me updated on what you finally decide. I’m glad you joined the group. We are a small group and are off to a slow posting start as you can see. My mother in law passed away around the time of the request for a video on the post you commented on about the embroidery scissors. I’ve yet to do a video. I appreciate you sharing your scissors. Thanks again for reading, joining the group and sharing your story.

  11. Ann Wintrow says:

    I had done a FSL bookmark with an applique insert as a gift, The pattern has 17,204 stitches and one applique (a cross) and stitch time of 33 minutes. Another friend asked if I could possibly make her some kind of a hanging ornament with a cross, something that would be stitched in black and look like stained glass. I showed her a picture of the bookmark and I happened to have some fabric in a stained glass print (scored at an estate sale for cheap!) Do you use any different pricing calculations for FSL?

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi Ann, Thanks for reading. I will be honest with you…I have never done anything with FSL. That’s sounds like a foreign language to me. Is it a lot more work involved with it? Cost? It sounds like there would be.

  12. Katie Crugnola says:

    I would love to join this group – starting out with a small embroidery/tutu business in North Eastern NC, I find that people do not understand the cost of a monogram and tend to be unrealistic – I am doing a sample now for a woman who wants 10inch letters (not happening) my largest vining monogram is 4inches and is HUGE…but there are over 18k stitches in each letter…doubt she will want it when she finds out how much it will cost – and even I can’t justify $56 for a monogram…like the $5 hooping fee – makes sense to me!

  13. Hello, Thank you so much for your postings. I have read so much and am thrilled with all the information. I just purchased a Brother PR1000 10 needle. I am so excited and can’t wait to see how this grows with my current business. Can you please add me to your FB group as I cannot find it? My name is Sara Schilling from CT. Thank you so much!!

    • ramiparker says:

      Congrats on your new machine!! I’m on my iPad now but will add you from my computer. I’m hoping that my blog shows your email address too. I need it to add you to the group.

      • Thank you! It was a big investment that I weighed pretty heavily but am overjoyed about the potential the machine can bring to my business. I love sewing and being creative. I did add my email address to your blog when signing up. Thanks so much!!!

        • ramiparker says:

          You will be able to do so much more at a much faster turnaround….especially at this time of the year with backpacks. I am so happy for you. It is like buying a new car. I will send you an invite to the group tomorrow once I’m on my big computer. …I have it on my daily things to do. I’m so glad you found me and reached out to me.

  14. Lesa Wiedenfeld says:

    Great pricing info. I’ve been embroidering for 2 years and I’m located in Southeast Texas. I would love to join your group.

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi Lesa I will need to send you an invite from my big computer….I’m in my phone right now. Also I have changed the name of it just last night to Embroidery-Monogram LIVE. Since Facebook has the live video option now, I find its a safer way stream live videos. There are too many folks on Periscope that would follow that have other interest FAR from embroidery. Your invite to the group will be sent to your email. Thanks!!!

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi Mary Beth

      I apologize about that. I just changed the name of the group due to using Facebook Live for videos instead of Periscope. I need to write a blog post in that. I can invite you to the group via your email address. I am on my iPhone and will need to do that from my PC. Be looking for it in your email. The new name is Embroidery-Monogram LIVE in case you’d like to search it again. If not I can send an invite when I get home.

      • Lena Daniell says:

        Hi, my name is Lena Sue Parker Daniell on FB. I would love to be included in your Embroidery-Monogram Live. I’m very new to this & at this point, just doing some practice things. The hardest part for me is the hooping, getting it centered & straight.

  15. Tracy Micheletti says:

    Hi, my name is Tracy Micheletti. I would love to be included in your Embroidery-Monogram Live. I am just starting an embroidery business and am fairly new to this.

    • ramiparker says:

      Welcome to the highly addictive world of embroidery. I’ve been away from my PC (on iPad now) and that’s the only way I can add someone by inviting them via their email address. Be looking for the invite later today or tomorrow.

    • ramiparker says:

      Thank you for reading. I’ll have to send on an invite via your email address from my PC. I’m on my iPad at the moment. Be on the look out in your emails for the invite later today or tomorrow.

  16. John says:

    Hello there, I really want to thank you for your help. I’m just starting with my new embroidery machine single head 1501C from Avance, I think you really helped with how to charge. I live in Laredo,Texas.

    • ramiparker says:

      Thank you so much John for reading and commenting. I’m glad you’re will be able to use this info. Even if you don’t price it exactly it really is a useful guideline to adjust to your area but I’m guessing your area is probably similar to my area. Good luck with your embroidering.

  17. Melissa Miles says:

    Just finished monogramming a backpack and diaper bag and it was an applique, the stitch count was 16,744. Do I charge for the material or is that included in the set up fee?

  18. jamie berens says:

    Hello! I have never done any machine embroidery, but I love to make things and I love to sew. I have made several quilts and love to make dress up clothes for my daughters. My mother passed away 2 weeks ago and she left me all of her sewing treasures. Including a long arm machine which I have no idea how to use, and a Viking embroidery machine, tons of fabric and thread and everything I could ever need. She loved to sew, to make things for the people she loved. She had been planning on starting a business before she passed… Anyway, I have 2 small children and a tiny home daycare business. I am trying to figure out if opening the sewing business and closing the daycare could make me enough money to be worth it. Question is, how many hours/jobs need to be done per week or month to bring in a good amount of money (I would need to make at least 1500 a month to close daycare). BTW I would be thrilled to close the daycare, I love to sew and would be overjoyed to continue my mother’s dream. Thanks for reading!

    • ramiparker says:


      First let me say how sorry I am to read of your mom’s passing. Carrying on her dream would be such a nice tribute to her. I am not sure I’m the right person to answer you on whether or not you could make 1500.00 a month. I can only share with you my experience and I have never made that much money, but that’s not to say it can’t be made. I am sure it is being done somewhere. I think a lot will depend on your market and if you’re in an area that 1.) has a large market for monogrammed items and 2.) how many others in your area are monogramming and sewing. I can tell you that in Southeast Louisiana every other mom owns a monogram machine. The market is flooded with us. The average monogram job that I do cost 10.00 so would have to do 150 jobs a month. I never have. I also have three kids so I never really wanted to have that much work. I’m more of the hobbiest monogrammer. Sometimes some months are busier than others. I don’t sew either. I just monogram. I have no idea what the market is for sewing. Maybe start doing it on the weekends to test your market and your passion. Sorry I couldn’t be anymore help.

      • Jamie berens says:

        Thanks for your help! Im thinking of doing custom tshirts for children, and also quilting. I also make casserole carriers which i can monogram and kitchen towels. I have so many ideas i hope one takes off and keeps me busy!

    • ramiparker says:

      I’m way from the computer till Friday. I can invite you from my computer using your email address. Or if you search Embroidery-Monogram Live on Facebook you can request to join. I can add you sooner that way. Thanks for reading!!!

  19. Jennifer Bennettt says:

    Hi! I’m Jennifer from Florida, thank you so much for this information!!! I would also love to be added to your Facebook group if possible! My e mail is jennbear2012@gmail.com I look forward to watching and interacting with you!! Thank you so much! 😊

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi Jennifer
      Thanks for reading. I need to add you from my computer. I’ll be back working from the computer tomorrow. I’ll add you then. Thanks again!!!

  20. tacey mack says:

    I have been asked by my daughters swim team to embroider their names on their jackets, dense college lettering. I’m not sure how to charge and be fair. I am new at embroidery. I would also like to join your Facebook page

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi and welcome to the world of embroidery. I am not exactly sure what dense college lettering is but you don’t want to ever under price your work and time. Some people think that the more they give you the cheaper it will be. If they were purchasing shirts from you that might work but in embroidery work the work is still the same no matter if it’s one or ten. On things like this the price could be different for each one due to the stitch count on each name. What I normally do in this case is find the average stitch count and charge that for all names. If the dense college lettering stitch count produces an enormously high stitch count, offer them something else comparable but in the end a high stitch count requires more thread. In the end you’ll have to be comfortable in what you charge. If you’d like to email me more specifics (simple and stitch count), I’d be happy to tell you what I’d charge.

  21. Karen McDonner says:

    Thanks for the guideline. I have come to realize that I was practically giving my time and work away. If I may ask, where do you live. I’m in Slidell on Lake Pontchartrain.

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi Neighbor!!! I’m across town in the North Military Road area…almost in Pearl River so clear across town from you. Our time has to be worth something. I hope the guidelines help you make a little something. Merry Christmas!!

      • Karen McDonner says:

        I’m off Military Road to at Crossgates, so we are really close. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

        • ramiparker says:

          Yes we are very close…..a stone throw away. When you said on Lake Pontchartrain I thought that maybe you were in the Eden Isle Oak Harbor area but you were referencing Slidell. I bet we’ve even done jobs for the same folks around our area and had some of the same joys and headaches…lol!! How’s your holiday going?? I turned off my machine Monday just in time for the kids to get out of school. I may be driving through your neighborhood tonight to enjoy the lighted path for Santa…it always looks so beautiful. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too.

    • I can see people complaining, “Well, you used to charge…..$,” Your reply could be, “Well that was a startup price.” My work takes time, and time is money, right?” Or “I have not been charging for my time, but I must do that to make a profit.” Good for you to realize your worth.
      I remember my Son-in-law saying, “Well, you’re not sewing, you’re just watching the machine do it.” Grrrrrr….I’d like to see him download, transfer to the machine, pick the size, figure whether it is sideways etc etc. or God forbid, see him digitize!!!!!

    • Sandy Durham says:

      Could I be added to your group on Facebook? I am trying to get my embroidery business started. I loved your article.

      • ramiparker says:

        Yes ma’am you can. You can find it and send a request to join, or I can send you an invite to your email. I’m away from my computer and for some reason can only send the invite to you via the computer. I’ll make a note and do that unless you send a request first. Thanks for reading!!!

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi Diane,

      Welcome to embroidery!! The group name is Embroidery-Monogram Live. I’m away from my computer and only have luck sending email invites from it. However you can search it on FB and request to join. If that doesn’t work, I will send you the invite when I return to my computer on Friday. Thanks for reading!!!

  22. Yadi says:

    Hi, I’m new to embroidery. I started a business a little over a year ago I do vinyl and heat transfer plus powder coating on the stainless steel tumblers. I’m interested in heading towards offering embroidery as well. Do you think this is something that might last a while or do you think its fad among people right now. Just want to see what you think before I start investing money and time on this next project.

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi Yadi

      Thanks for reading. I am by no means an expert on whether or not this is a fad. However I can share my experiences with you. I have owned an embroidery machine for 10 years now. I have owned two. When I had a working website, I can tell you that I stayed busy…too busy for my family. From the very first tote bag I embroidered, I had, had someone inquiring. I do know that the market in my is flooded with every other mom owning an embroidery machine and becoming a “mom”ogrammer. So you should take in consideration what the market is like in your area. I’m in the south and southern folks love their monograms. Monograms have been around for generations here and I predict they will always be a classic, timeless tradition. I have discovered in groups that I belong to on Facebook that not all areas in the country monogram everything that doesn’t breathe, but dont let that stop you because they do a lot of appliqué work. So the experience I share with you is that it’s not a fad for me. Just like the vinyling, it’s expensive and is definitely an investment. If you have a nice clientele you will probably be very successful. Pray about it. A pastor once said that if God puts something on your heart and you can stop thinking about it that maybe it’s what you should be doing. Good luck to you. I know I probably wasn’t much hep.

  23. SisterStitchesEmbroidery says:

    Hey Miss Nola!
    Thank you so much for the great information! We are starting a new embroidery business in Minnesota and are getting close to ordering our machine and getting started. We are so excited! We were wondering if we could pick your brain a bit? Just wondering what kind of machine you have, where you get your supplies, etc.

    Andrea & Amanda

    • ramiparker says:

      Congratulations ladies on your upcoming business adventure. Glad you found my information and hopes it helps in your success. I am not sure my brain is the right one to pick on supply shopping. At one time, I had an Etsy shop as well as a website business. Now I just do monogram jobs for basically myself and for folks who bring me their own items. When I did have a website, I offered koozies, handmade monogrammed bows, some towels and personalized melamine products. I ordered at the time a lot of my embroidery blanks from http://www.discountembroideryblanks.com/ and their sister site http://www.thesewphisticatedstitcher.com/

      I would order my ribbon for my bows from http://www.ribbonandbowsohmy.com My stabilizer, thread, and bobbins come from all sorts of different sites. I know http://www.allstitch.com offers a sample folder of stabilizers which seeing and feeling the difference in stabilizers is helpful. They also sell blanks at reasonable prices if I remember correctly….it’s been a while since I have looked for blanks. Weiner World via Amazon has great prices on supplies too. Instead of just taking my advice, there are Facebooks groups you can join that will provide this type of information under the file section of the page such as Applique This and That Too and Brother PE Embroidery.

      I have a Brother PE-650 six needle machine. If you are going to be a full fledge embroidery shop, I would not suggest anything under six needles…..just my opinion. I am no expert on any of this. I just know that at times I can keep extremely busy doing others’ shirts. I am also one of many in town that embroidery. Every other mom has a monogram machine and I manage to stay as busy as I want to be. If I had a store, there is no doubt in my mind, I could have at least two machines running all day……BUT THIS IS FOR MY AREA. I am in the south, and we monogram EVERYTHING!!! Do a little research in your area to feel out the market. I know from my Facebook groups that although monogram isn’t as big in other areas of the country, people have a lot of success with appliques. Join a few of the embroidery groups on Facebook and creep around in them to gather more information.

      Good luck with your adventure. Keep me posted on what y’all decide. I can give y’all a shout out when your open for business.

  24. Mary says:

    Do you discount for quantity? Lets say a 4 inch monogram on 50 napkins. It comes to $15 each using your formula! Thanks for your help!!

    • ramiparker says:

      That is a hard question to answer because I have never been in a situation like this one before. I have never done 50 items before for one person. With that being said, 50 items really isn’t going to lesson the materials or the time you spend on the napkins. A 4″ monogram is going to take maybe 15-20 minutes to stitch out….possibly longer on the machine, plus the time hooping. How long will it take to do one napkin? You could charge by the hour if you thought the formula was too much. I know you are thinking 750 is a lot for monogram napkins, but monograms are not a necessity in life. It’s like cosmetic surgery and we know Dr’s are really not giving breaks for more work they do on a patient. They charge by the job. I am not sure if I would charge 15, but would charge 12.00. Absolutely no less than 10 each. I would also get half as a deposit. I doubt they would find anyone to do it less than 10.00 a napkin…..and if they can, let them. That is a lot of work and supplies.

  25. Leslie Fife says:

    Thank you for this info. I ended up giving my first machine embroidery customer a very steep discount because the stitch count for “knock down” stitches on her towels was outrageous. The biggest towels alone had 41,000 stitches each with 5 color changes for the monogram w/frame and rose buds. (3×7.5 inchs design) Can you please help me figure this out? Do I skip charging for the knock down stitches or simply not accept any items with a nap/pile? Also, has the price risen as of late? Some charge as much as $2 per 1000. I’m sooo new to this. Thank you soooo much. ~Leslie

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi Leslie…
      What I normally do when having to convert the satin stitches to fill stitch or split stitch for nap/pile on towels or fleece throws is give the stitch count price prior to making the conversion. This works for names and monograms well. If it is a design that is already a fill stitch, I think I would base it somewhat on the size. I’ve never done anything like that before. I have heard of some folks charging more than 1.00 on the stitch count. I guess that would depend on whether your area has a market for 2.00 per stitch count. I don’t think my area has that kind of money. I even adjust some of my 3.5″ interlocking vine monograms. I usually do a flat 10.00 on those whereas if I did the stitch count it would be more like a 12-13.00 monogram.

  26. Lauren says:

    Hi! My name is Lauren and I’m in Anderson, SC. Your information is AMAZING!!! Thank you!!! I am a stationery designer and added vinyl last year and am getting a Bernina Artista 730 in April. I would love to be added to the Facebook group! Thank you so much for sharing with those of us who are learning. Truly cannot thank you enough!

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi Lauren…..a stationery designer!!!! What an awesome thing to be. I have a paper obsession. It’s so personal. I can’t wait to see some of your designs. I will be checking out your site. You’ll love to add embroidery monogramming to what you do. I will add you to the group. Although I must say I have a hard time getting people to share. I feel like everyone depends on me to share and I am surely not the expert. I will have to add you from my computer in the form of an invite via an email. Look for it tomorrow. I try to stay off if the computer in the weekends. I’m on my phone at the moment. Thanks for reading and reaching out to me.

  27. Dorothy Kinniard says:

    Thank you so much for the great information. My name is Dorothy Kinniard and I’m from Louisville, KY. I’m fairly new to embroidery but I’m hooked big time! People are beginning to ask me to do embroidery for them but I just wasn’t sure how to charge them and I wanted to be fair to them and me and you have given me some very helpful information. My question is do you charge the $5 setup fee to each item, say if they order 4 sets of towels or 10 monogrammed shirts? I’m sorry if you may have already answered this question but I didn’t read all the comments. Thanks so much for your help.

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi Dorothy

      Welcome to embroidery. I do charge the 5.00 for each item. It’s a 5.00
      hoop fee every time I hoop. Depending on the size or whether I have to make it fill stitches, I may give a slight discount. For example. Towels are a high pile so if the name or m

    • ramiparker says:

      If the name or monogram is large and the satin stitch wide, I may convert the satin stitch over to a fill stitch/split stitch so that the name or monogram is made up of smaller stitches v’s the back and forth satin stitch. In this case there will be about 25-50% more stitches but I charge what the stitch count was for the satin stitches. Hope that makes sense.

  28. Rebecca M. Villarreal says:

    So I wanted 15 shirts and all had the same logo on them, Would you charge a hooping fee for each shirt, or 1 set price for the total?

    • ramiparker says:

      If I hoop 15 items, I’m charging a hooping fee for 15 items. It’s part of the cost. Just because the quantity is more it’s not making the job less. This is part if the cost. Now if you could do 15 shirts with one hoop, that’s different, but that’s not going to ever happen. You will hoop 15 different shirts. You will use 15 different pieces of stabilizer. Not to mention hooping takes time and time is money. It could take me several different attempts to hoop an item making sure it’s centered.

  29. Haley Jo says:

    Do you mind if I ask what brand of software you use?? I’ve been researching softwares for weeks but can’t seem to find one I like.

  30. Haley Jo says:

    I’m starting an embroidery business but am having a difficult time finding a software that I can create and edit designs on. So I was curious to see what software you use for your business?

    • ramiparker says:

      Sorry about the delay. I’ve been out of town with limited access to service. I use Brother PE Design Next. It came with my machine as part of a bundle. I do not find it to be user friendly. It’s also pricey. It not what I would have purchased. Have you looked into Sew What Pro or Embird(I think that’s the name)? Both should have free trial downloads. I know a lot of people use those programs.

    • ramiparker says:

      LOL!!! It’s a real life math problem. I’m the former teacher. I should be asking the math problem. $5.00 hooping fee + 1.00 per thousand stitches

      That’s per item. Every hat will need to be hooped and so on.

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