Artificial Ivy Wreath in a Distressed Clay Pot

Supplies Needed:  pot, hanger, styrofoam brick (wet foam brick is shown but does NOT work well with hot glue),  ivy chain link swag (mine is from Hobby Lobby for 9.99), and floral moss (not shown)

Tools Needed: hot glue gun, serrated knife and wire cutters

  • Place styrofoam in the pot.
  • Trim the styrofoam with the knife at the top of the pot.
  • Hot glue the styrofoam in the pot by glueing the bottom of the pot and pressing the styrofoam down onto the hot glue.

  • Untwist the hanger like so and cut the hanger’s longer end with a wire cutter so that they are even.

  • Form (by bending with your hands)  the hanger in an oval/circle shape.

  • Find the chain links in the ivy’s leaves. (shown above)
  • Thread the hanger through the chain links about every 3-4 links should work fine.  (shown below)

  • Repeat this until you have the entire ivy on the hanger.  Keep the two ends that where once twisted free of the ivy.  This will be the part of the hanger that will be pushed securely into the styrofoam.

  • Find the center of the styrofoam and push the ends into the foam as shown above.

  • At this time you may want to add a little bit of hot glue where the hanger and styrofoam meet.  This step is not shown, but your ivy wreath should look like the photo above.

  • You will notice that you have empty space in your pot around the styrofoam.  You may use the excess styrofoam that you cut earlier to fill the space or I stuffed the space with recycled plastic bags.  (shown below)

  • Whatever you decide to use will be covered up with moss.

  • Take small clumps of moss and begin to cover all your mechanics until you can not see the styrofoam or the bags.

  • Make sure to pick up the ivy where it lies on the styrofoam to cover all of the surface of the bags and styrofoam.

  • If you had the moss like I used, you may want to drop a few drops of hot glue under it so it will adhere.  Moss can be quite messy and this will help keep it in the pot.

There you have it.  Just today, I had a friend over and she asked me if my ivy was real.  I guess the  “Two Inch, Two Foot” Rule applied to my plant today which is:  When we do things, we look at them from a 2″ distance.  When others look at our things, they look at them from a 2′ distance.  I LOVE THAT RULE!!!  (I’m borrowings he rule from the ladies who shared it with me from my daughter’s school.). I also like to hang an ornament from the center of my wreath as shown in the first picture of the post.

For a tutorial on how to distress the pot and how to apply the graphic to the pot, visit Kristie at Market Nine Home. She mentions in her post to get a graphic at The Graphic Fairy . Of course, I added a personalization to the graphics I chose to use on my pots. To distress my chocolate clay pots, I used chalk paint with a dry brush and then sanded a few spots with a fine sand paper.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or email me.

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2 thoughts on “Artificial Ivy Wreath in a Distressed Clay Pot

  1. Randi Erickson says:

    I love this so much it inspired me. Why not bend the hanger – or even purchase a largge thin letter and guests will be greeted at the front door by a topiary with the homeowners last initial! I think I”ll try to make one for each ofmy close friends – if they turn out, I’ll send a picture!

    • ramiparker says:

      I LOVE your idea. I just love how one person’s idea can spark someone else’s imagination. I can’t wait to see pictures.

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