How to Monogram a Straw Hat

I had my straw hat about a year before I actually monogrammed it.  (It’s the hPe hat shown above.) I had read several tips on how to do it from several post in one of my Facebook “embroidery groups”.  Many spoke of using craft foam on top of the hat under the thread????  I just had my doubts about that method.  I figured that there had to be another way.  I could understand using the craft foam if the straw hat had holes or gaps (non tightly woven straw).  The foam would then give a thick, solid surface for the thread to grab ahold to on top of the straw, but not all straw hats are made the same nor do they all come from the                  Dollar Tree. 😉


  • Start with a tightly woven straw hat. Mine came from Walmart for under 10.00.
  • Use a font that has some density to it……thickness to the width of the font.  I used Empress Monogram Font by Itch2Stich.  I think it was the PERFECT  font, don’t  you? I  used the 3″ size.


  • Adhesive tear away stabilizer (or tear away with adhesive spray, but may leave hat sticky)
  • WSS (Water soluble embroidery stabilizers)
  • straight pins or clamps
  • embroidery machine with fast frames or hoops
  • tightly woven straw hat
  • thread color of your choice
  • ruler or measuring tape
  • fabric marking pen/marker


1.   Attach your adhesive tear away stabilizer to  your frame or hoop. I used my fast frames, but hoops would work as well especially if you have a single needle machine.

2.  Find your center and attach the hat to the stabilizer.

3.  Pin the wss to the hat.  I push the pin through the hat and bottom stabilizer as well as the wss on top to give the hat extra stability on the adhesive tear away.

4.  Put frame or hoop on your machine, center the needle and stitch away.  Make sure you rotate the monogram so that it is placed correctly on the hat.  I have heard stories of people forgetting to do this, and their monogram was upside down.   

 Empress Monogram Font from Itch2Stitch

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I’m not an expert, but this method worked well for me.

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14 thoughts on “How to Monogram a Straw Hat

    • ramiparker says:

      Hi Rachael,

      Thanks for reading. I have never tried doing it without the WSS. I used it in hopes that it would aid in the stitches keeping the width and density….if that makes sense. I am not sure how much it helped. I wish I could answer your question better.

  1. Cindy says:

    I don’t use the wss on the top of the hat. I use a medium weight tear away. it helps plug the “holes” that might be left with the straw not being flat and solid. It has worked great. I use white for most colors but a black tear away for the dark. I’m very pleased with the fill I get.

    • ramiparker says:

      Thanks Cindy for that awesome tip. I will try that on my next straw hat. I had never been crazy about the foam idea and after Rachael’s question I wondered if the WSS even made a difference. I love learning new methods and reading about what works for others so I really appreciate this one.

    • ramiparker says:

      Oh Amanda….I’m so sorry to read that your hat is tearing. I have not experienced this with my hat. I’m not sure how to fix it. Maybe another reader will have a solution and will comment. I know that e6000 glue comes in clear and works wonderfully. I am wondering if you purchased a small piece of clear vinyl (comes in different weights at the fabric stores) and used it as a patch if that would save your hat. You could cut the vinyl just a little bigger than your tear, use e6000 sparingly around the edge of the vinyl, and place it under the tear….like how a butterfly bandaid would work. Not sure if I’m making sense.

  2. wendy luciano says:

    My machine is only a brohter se400 so all i have is a 4x 4 hoop. Could I get the hat to fit inside that and then monogram you think? And if that’s the case, I shouldn’t need to rotate the monogram because it would print it the way i have framed it, no? Not sure if I am making sense but am new to this all and still tring to figure out how to enlarge designs by re-hooping. Most of what I want to do is all monograms of different styles, not all the different pictures and such. I think I need to purchase some software for that.

    • ramiparker says:

      Thanks for reading. You may not be able to actually “hoop” a straw hat but you should be able to hoop tear away stabilizer and use adhesive spray to stick the hat down. Then depending on which way the hat fits best on the machine will determine whether or not yiu will need to rotate the monogram. I have to say that I do not know how to help with rehooping and enlarging. Maybe if you ask in the PeriStitches group someone can help or tell you where to find out how. Do you have a software now that you’re using for your monograms or are you using monogram fonts that are stored on your machine? You can purchase different designs from different digitizer on the Internet.

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