How to Monogram a Grosgrain Ribbon


Thank you for your interest in my method of “How to Monogram a Grosgrain Ribbon”. I am not an expert by any means but through my eight years of monogramming, using Heat n Bond Lite to prep my ribbon has worked the best for me. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Materials needed: grosgrain ribbon, tear away stabilizer, Heat n Bond Lite, an iron or heat press and an embroidery hoop  (WSS is optional.  Grosgrain ribbon is a texture material so using it may produce a cleaner finish.  I do not use it on my grosgrain ribbons, but on towels, fleece, and polo knit.)

I place my Heat n Bond Lite on to my ribbon.  I know that I want the center of my monogram to be 2″ from the edge of my ribbon.  You will need to figure out placement. It will depend on the type of bow you make.  For my bows, I like the monogram to be two 2″ from the edge.  My monograms are 2″ tall. 

Once I have ironed on the HNBL, I let it cool to the touch.  I have found that pealing away the backing too soon, takes some of the glue with the backing.  It’s also too hot to touch as soon as you finish ironing it. 

Now I am ready to iron the ribbon (HNBL face down on the tear away) to my stabilizer. 

Now, mark the center and hoop.  I could  not find my marking pencil, so I marked my center with a piece of masking tape…..I haven’t forgotten yet to remove the tape.  KNOCK on WOOD!!! (giggle)

Please excuse the debris of burlap in the photos.  I embroidery a lot of burlap and its debris is a nightmare.  All items are free of burlap debris when finished.

See….tape and guide removed!! 😉

The ribbon is ready to be monogrammed.

Place on the machine and HAPPY MONOGRAMMING!! 



 Here is one of my finished bows. For a tutorial on “How to Make a Boutique Bow” click here.

 I’ve had a few comments about what the back of the ribbon looks like once I tear the HnBL from the tear away. A picture is posted below of the ribbon prior to making it a bow. I always make bows with my ribbon so the backs are never seen. The debris left behind from the HnBL or a little tear away left behind was never an issue. If the back of your ribbon will be seen, this technique may not be the one you want to use. 



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  2. Sheri says:

    Thanks so much! What does the back of the ribbon look like? i am monogramming on a pre-made bow with a 6″ tail. I also cannot hoop the bow :(

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