Tender & Juicy Meatballs



Surprise!!!  It’s another recipe!! And go figure, it’s an Italian recipe.  No one would ever believe by the things that I love to cook and eat that I do not have .01 oz of Italian in me.  I LOVE meatballs.    L. O. V. E. meatballs!   For years I tried making them and for years I failed at making them.  I think part of my failure was due to the fact that I did not follow a recipe…I guess I am wrong by saying “I think” that was the problem because it was indeed the problem.    It never even occurred to me that there may be a recipe out there for meatballs. (Embarrassing but true.) My husband’s aunt (rest her soul) made delicious meatballs, but when asked for the recipe, she never really gave the “full” instructions.  I think she’d purposely leave things out so no one’s could compare.

Then one day it just hit me like a brick.  “Hello……LOOK IN  JOHN FOLSE’S ENCYCLOPEDIA of CAJUN & CREOLE CUISINE”.  

This book has EVERYTHING in it. It is literally an encyclopedia with the history of Louisiana’s Cajun and Creole Culture in the beginning pages.  Look at the picture below of  the size of the book compared to my other cookbooks. 

So right there on page 520 is a recipe for Tender and Juicy Spaghetti & Meatballs. I already mentioned that I had never thought about a recipe for meatballs; so it really never dawned on me to look for a meatball recipe in this book because it is a “Cajun & Creole” cookbook and meatballs are Italian, RIGHT????  LOL!! Creole dishes that we love in Louisiana were influenced by European flavors as well as Native American culture and African cultures.  One of New Orleans most famous sandwiches is an Italian inspired creation…..the Muffaletta.

John Folse explains in the book how he went all the way to Italy to learn how to make these meatballs because, believe it or not,  he desired to make tender and juicy meatball. Try them, and I think you’ll agree with me that he mastered it.  My family loves these meatballs.  They are requested at most of our special occasion dinners such as Hallie’s birthday which is today. She had a dinner plan for every night of this week with these meatballs being Monday’s dinner plan. 

 (This picture below is a picture of the meatballs prior to dropping them in the sauce.) 


The recipe makes so many meatballs (approximately 20) that I usually make them for dinner on Monday to eat with spaghetti, and there is always enough meatballs leftover that we have meatball sandwiches on Wednesday or Thursday night. 

The recipe for the meatballs is below.  You may add the meatballs to your favorite sauce, or if you Google the meatballs,  you’ll see that John Folse also has a recipe for his sauce that accompanies the meatball recipe.   I confess that after I make homemade meatballs that I cheat on the sauce. (Don’t Judge!)   I use Emeril’s Homemade Marinara Sauce. He is not a Louisianian like John Folse, but he is a New Orleans’ icon. I use two jars with this recipe, and I add water or beef broth so there is enough sauce to cover the meatballs.   I hope your family enjoys these as much as mine. 

C’est Bon!


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