Bon Appetit

I am from the New Orleans area….. where there is never a lack of magnificent tasting food.  I enjoy cooking just about as much as I love eating.  Ok, that is only partially true since I LOVE eating good food.  AND I can not lie…..I don’t LOVE cooking, but I do enjoy it.

On these pages, I share with you some of the recipes that I have found to be quite yummy-delicious. I wouldn’t claim to be a “FOODIE” but feel I know good food when I bite into it.  I am often surprised by some recipes that I find on blogs.  I find them not to be so good.  When I express my disappointment, my husband reminds me how spoiled we are with food in southern Louisiana. He thinks that a lot of people sharing their recipes may have never really had
GOOD food before.  I know that sounds like we are food snobs, but we have been raised on some of the best food in world.

I hope you enjoy the recipes I share.  If you have any questions, feel free to chat with me about them.

Bon Appetit….

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