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Hi y’all

I am Miss Nola (after the my love for New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and the fact that I live smack in the middle of the two).  I love God, my family (husband and three children), my friends, NOLA, the MS Coast and my passion to create.  My main purpose of this blog is to share with you all of my creations and to let you in on little secrets of how I create a few things  and how you can create a few too. I will also share with you recipes and  a lot of lagnaippe about whatever. 

You will notice as you browse around my blog site that I have a lot of monogrammed items on it.  I have  been embroidering monogrammed personalized items since 2007.  I have found that every one of all ages has an appreciation for the unique quality that only a personalized item can give, and what is more personal than an item adorned with a set of initials or a name? Once upon a time I had a full working website just full of embroidered/monogrammed items for sale.  Then one day, I made a deal with my husband.  If I gave our 18 year old kitchen cabinets a make-over, he would work on getting me the marble countertops that I have wanted since we built our home in 1996.  Since that deal, I closed several pages to my website and began redoing our home.  I guess you can say that I took a sabbatical from the embroidery machine that I became a slave to day after day after day. Over the lengthy process of painting kitchen cabinets, I discovered that I really did not miss the everyday job of embroidery and made the decision to keep only a few monogrammed items available on my site:  raggy patches and the melamine items.  Which the links to those items can be found here on my blog. 

If you’re local, I take ONE day a week to work on your items that you want embroidered.  I STRESS ONE DAY A WEEK!!!!  If you need it tomorrow, I’m not the embroider  for  you. 

I hope you subscribe to MIss Nola’s blog.  You’re always welcome to join my post in comments/discussions.  I will answer any questions that I can. 


Miss Nola

PS…..This is just a little added lagniappe about the name, Miss Nola’s Monogrmery. It’s the name of my blog because it was the name of my embroidery/monogram site.  I kept it when I made the switch from site to blog.  When naming my site,  I knew I wanted to incorporate my favorite places into my name.  I also wanted to add what the primary purpose was for my site and what I loved to do at the time  which was monogramming.  I know this sounds corny but I wanted it to be like a monogram laboratory…..LOL!!!  So as recruited a friend and we brainstormed ideas, I thought of the made up word “monogramery”.  I know that if it were a “real” word it should be spelled with two “m'”…monogrammery.  When I typed that out on a logo, it looked too long and weird.  Sooooo my girlfriend convinced me that when naming things folks make up all sorts of spellings, and that dropping one of the “m’s” was perfectly fine in this situation.  I ran it by a few other close friends too. So since she said it and they okayed it, I took it as gospel.  Monogramery it was! My very own monogram laboratory!


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