Tried and True….When a Pinterest Pin Comes Through

I can not recall exactly how many years I have been on Pinterest…..2-3 maybe????  Time goes by way too fast when you’re juggling between Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, a really successful blog  and a partially functioning website.  I know what you must be thinking; I forgot to list Twitter.  I had set up a Twitter account years ago, but only followed anything on Twitter when I was waiting to hear the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial.   I have to tell you that I have  been enjoying Pinterest most of all these days with Instagram trailing closely behind.  I will tell you why…….

When I first joined Facebook, I did it because the nosey Mrs. Kravitz in me wanted to know what all my fair weather friends’ families were like and so on.  However,  over the years their family albums have turned into funny ecards, game request, opinionated political post, and my favorite of allbrag post of praising their amazing spouses. (I know that sounds ugly of me, but they forget that I know some of their spouse. LOL!!!) These days, I have been finding myself shying away from Facebook since most folks are using Instagram to share their family photos.  Not to mention that a few of them will link their Instagram photo with Facebook so I get a double wammie of family photo fun which is not necessary for me.  Instagram alone has been giving me, Mrs. Kravitz, my nosey fix.   I know I have gotten myself a little off track so back to the love interest I have with Pinterest.

What a great invention Pinterest has been for me.  Not only can I repin those I follow pins, but I can pin most anything I come across while surfing the Internet that I have an interest in……, decorating ideas, creative craft ideas, clothing (According to my attire and my “Fashionista Help” board, I could pin more here!!), tips, etc…   I love having all of these bookmarked and categorized “LOVES” at my finger tips in a safe spot that I know I can find when I need them.  I have come across things from other pinners  that I did not even know I was searching for.  Don’t tell Kenny (Mr. Miss Nola) but Pinterest has PUT ideas in my head and most of which required his help.  HeHe!!

I noticed today that I have over 800 pins.  That is a lot of late night pinning!!!!  Some are things that maybe I should have just liked.  Others are things that I want to do or create in the future, but a lot are actual pins that I have tried/made/created or used as an inspiration to create.  Today I created a new board “Tried and True”.  It is for all of the pins that I have actually used, enjoyed and feel good about recommending.  There are several things that I have done from Pinterest that I would not recommend, but all of the pins you will find on this board I have used in some form or fashion.  There are also some things that I have pinned in the past that do not have links to them.  Unless it’s a pin I can look at to recreate, those kind of “picture only” pins are useless and disappointing.  Now I make sure the pin has a link attached to it.

If you follow me already on Pinterest you may have noticed that it looks like I went on a pinning spree today.  I apologize for that.  I “repinned”  to my new board “Tried and True” instead of editing/moving the pins.  Next time I have a pin that comes through to be a keeper, I will move the pin and not repin it.

When I finally get finished with Operation Kitchen Redoux, I will share the pins that actually inspired a lot of my kitchen changes.  Not that I have made many changes, but when you’re a DIYer on a budget, these things take time.

Through Pinterest, I have also found some really inspiring blogs that I have been following.  I will share them with you in another post on another day.   These blogs make this blog depressing, but maybe one day my blog will inspire someone….maybe if I can ever figure out how to truly use my blog, get with “it”  on my postings and learn how to spell or remember to use spell check!!! LOL!!!

What are some of your favorite pins from Pinterest?   Feel free to send them to me if you think I’d like them.


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Orzo Pasta Salad with Cucumber, Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Feta Cheese

Orzo pasta…..YUM! It is pasta shaped like a big piece of rice. Rice and pasta my two favorite carbs that I could eat everyday. I don’t, but I so could. My grandpa use to eat rice everyday. Growing up, I thought everything went on rice. Black eyed peas, cabbage and green beans were not sides in my house; they were the “gravy” for our rice. These sides served on rice made up our main dish for dinner. I love pasta just as much and could have put anything on top of it as well.

I love this time of the year…..longer, warmer days. Well for us in the south, it’s just longer hot days, and  I LOVE every drip of sweat of it. There is no bundling in layers of clothes and looking for a hot meal to warm you from the inside out. It’s grillin’ and chillin’ time. A lot of the dishes that I cook with pasta or rice, I associate with comfort food served on a chilly fall evening or a cold winter’s night.  This orzo pasta salad is a perfect side to serve with your favorite grilled meat. It’s served chilled like a salad and gives me the satisfaction of having my comfort food carb without having the heaviness of the carb that I get when I top it with a gravy or sauce.

It was not too long ago that I discovered orzo pasta. How brilliant of a pasta is it??? A pasta that resembles a huge piece of rice, and that has a nutty pasta taste. It tricks my brain!!! When eating it, I feel as though I am getting to enjoying both rice and pasta.

You need:

1 lbs orzo pasta (cooked)

1/4 cup olive oil

2 tbs white wine vinegar

1/4 cup minced sun dried tomatoes in oil (I add more. I love these!)

2 large garlic cloves minced

1/3 cup chopped dill or dried dill (I use dry dill and sprinkle it to taste)

1 half of a seedless cucumber peeled and chopped

1 pint grape tomatoes halved (I use about half of the pint)

8 oz feta cheese crumbled

Cook pasta according to direction on package. Add oil, vinegar, sun dried tomatoes, garlic and dill to pasta and mix well. Add cucumber, grape tomatoes and feta and stir gently. Chill until ready to serve.

I use less grape tomatoes and more of the sun dried tomatoes because I really enjoy the sun dried ones.

I hope you enjoy this pasta salad. It really is a nice refreshing dish that is a great alternative to the pasta salads that are made with the tri-colored pasta and Italian dressing.

Happy Spring!!

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