Operation Kitchen Redoux Underway

Most of you will not be surprised to read that I am the up for the award “WORLD’S LAMEST BLOGGER”.  To my knowledge, no one else is a contender.  I love the idea of being a blogger, and I get this rush of inspiration from blogs I read;  I just don’t seem to get it all down in a timely manner.  I think it’s a part-time job for some. Over the past few weeks, I have seen some beautiful blogs. Kind of makes me jealous……only kinda though knowing the time and work that must go into them.

Any hoots…

If you follow Miss Nola’s on Facebook you know that I have taken a sabbatical from my embroidery machine to tackle my kitchen cabinets.  “Operation Kitchen Redoux” has been underway for about 2.5 weeks.  A few cabinets have already been through take one, take two, and are on take three.  After doing my island a different color from the cabinets, I have even thought about “take four” on the cabinets…..crazy huh???  However, I think with the new counter tops, paint on the walls and a tile backsplash, the cabinets will be just fine. Have I ever mentioned that I am the only person on earth that still has laminate counter tops?  YES it’s true.  After almost 18 years of living in this house, I’m finally going to get the counter tops of my DREAMS.

I am painting my existing cabinets with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  What an awesome paint to use!!!  No sanding, stripping or priming the existing cabinets.  I practiced on a piece of furniture I have in my dining room.  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is sold at small independent shops in only a few towns/cities.  (My town does NOT have a stockist. SIGH!)  You can check Annie and her paint out here.  There is a method to the paint, and she explains it on her site. Many of her stockist offer workshops for a nice little fee.  If you’re like me, you may be too cheap (yes I admit, I’m cheap) to sign up for a workshop and would rather teach yourself anyway.  Good news is that many explanations and visual step by step instructions are available.  I’ve read tons of blogs and watched lots of you tube videos…..this is where I discovered that some folks have awesome blogs!!!

Here is a picture of my piece of furniture. 


I will surely share with you the kitchen when it gets finished and it will get finished!!!  The greatest motivator to me in this process is not only the promise from my husband of getting new counter tops, but the lack of having cabinet doors.  Seeing the inside of my cabinets, is driving me to the point of cuckoo.  I admire those who use the open cabinet concept. My cabinets are somewhat organized, but yuck….who wants to see all that?

It’s also my will to share with you the steps I took and things that I learned along the way…..that is another post for another day.  My cabinets are calling!

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