Are You Ready for Game Day?

Today is College Color Day!!! Geaux Tigers! I only spent one semester at LSU, but I’m from the south, and we can’t help ourselves but to cheer on our home state team. As I prepared to get Hallie ready for College Color Day at her school (the students could wear a college color shirt), I started wondering if you were ready for game day. Of course this post screams purple and gold, but I do have lots of options that may just be the right colors for your favorite team.

This is Hallie’s shirt for school today. Most of you know that I do not stock shirts. Not to mention, shirts are NOT my favorite thing to work on…..I always seem to mess them up, and I can not replace them. They take sooooooo long with all the prep work, and they are quite costly due to the numerous stabilizers involved. However, this design is so cute and versatile that I think it would be precious on a burlap garden flag with maybe a single family initial and/or family name. If you look closely you may be able to see the chevron pattern in the stitching of the font.

A garden flag for your team would make a great addition to your tailgating decorations. Remember what I did with the burlap garden flag I made for my niece’s dorm room door? (see below) Just imagine it on a garden flag pole that you can stick in the ground at your tailgating gathering. I have so many ideas for football season that I can not produce them as fast as I think of them.

Speaking of tailgating………Do you have your team hat to keep the sun out of your eyes and off of your face?

What about your team water bottle koozie to keep your water cold…..or any other favorite beverage you drink when you tailgate?

What about your team melamine? Why not go all out and serve your tailgating treats on your very own personalized platter or tray that has not only been personalized with your name but in your favorite team color.

“Go Team” is very generic and can be substituted for any slogan you’d like added to your personalized platter. Below are a few different examples of how I can create the platters/trays to represent other teams. I will always cheer for LSU, but let’s be honest……..who doesn’t love houndstooth and the color red.

This one is VERY generic………get creative and let me produce it.

Contact me if you are interested in any of the items you see here. I will be happy to help you.

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Letting Them Know EXACTLY Who You Are

I could not wait to make this precious ID holder. 

If I am correct, every school in our country requires every teacher and all of the high school students to wear an ID.  Why not let them know exactly who you are with not only your photo ID, but with a monogrammed ID holder. 

This one is for my dear friend’s daughter.  I also made her the coordinating ribbon lanyard, but any lanyard would work.  It can be made horizontal or vertical (vertical is shown above).   I was a little surprised at the size.  It is  about 5.25″ x 3.75″ which seems a little large to me, but the cuteness of it and the possibilities of it trump the larger size of it.  Being a former elementary school teacher, I would have definitely worn it.  As a matter of fact, I might make myself one just to wear around the house.  For you to get a better idea of the size, I am holding it in my hand in the photo below. 

Just like anything you see in my post you may contact me if you’re interested in one.

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Burlap and Chevron…..Don’t you just LOVE them! <3

My oldest niece heads off to LSU tomorrow.   Seems just like yesterday when I was in my own college class waiting for it to be over so I could call to see if she had been born.  I had a cell phone then but it was in a large bag that I kept in my car for emergencies only….Ha!!

She will be going through RUSH so she gets to move in a week or so before those who will not RUSH.  Soooo just in case there is a door decorating contest, I made her a little something.  I’m hoping she will be the talk of the hall, but moms of daughters can be so competitive these days that this may hang among many swanky door decos………….OKAY,  aunts of nieces can be a little competitive too!!!  LOL!!


I took my 12×8 burlap garden flag and hung it on a dowel stick.  I adorned the sides of the flag with ribbons tied around the dowel.   I then capped off the ends of the dowel with dowel caps…..or I like to call them finials.

I will offer this flag soon with another special “Go Team” flag that I have in the works.  Who dat  can guess which team it will represent??? 😉 LOL!! Speaking of………kick off in 65 minutes!

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“How To”……….Solder Glass Charms

About a year ago, I created my very first soldered glass charm.  You might be familiar with the story???  Long story short……I was not going to spend $36.00 on a 1″x1″ glass charm so I taught myself how to make one.  Then I not only made one, I made an entire mini dress form full and thought I’d try to sell them in a Christmas Bizarre….LOL!!! Well, you can see how that turned out by my picture below.


I love creating these charms.  Each one takes on its own personality.  There are several things that can be done with them.

  • Group them together for a chunky charm necklace or bracelet.
  • Wear it single on a ball chain or ribbon.
  • Bookmarks, car rear view mirror charms, key chain charms, purse charms, ornaments…… the options are endless.

I’m not sure about you, but I LOVE  watching the shows on TV  that show you how something is made.  Not long ago, I watched how they made Steinway Grand Pianos.  That was quite the process. Having a grand piano, I have a greater appreciation now for it.  I want to share with you the process I go through making the glass charms.

  • Step one:   I, of course, think EVERYTHING should be PERSONALIZED just because there is nothing more personal than your name or your initials.  Why not have it on everything??? I also love things that represent who we are as individuals.  Yes…I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, but a lot of us are those things.  What describes you and sets you off from the next mom, wife, daughter.  What talent, gift, or blue print on your soul has God blessed you with? For me, it’s my passion to CREATE.  My glass charm/shadow box bracelet is going to represent “ME” with my initials and my blue print. I print them on scrapbook paper and cut them to my glass size.

  • Step 2:  Sandwich the paper between two pieces of glass.  Tape them together using copper tape. If the tape is too thick on the faces of the glass, you may trim it with a craft knife.  My steps are very brief.  For more  detailed information, you may want to take a class or buy a book.  May I recommend Simple Soldered Jewelry and Accessories.


  • Step three: Clamp your charm with some sort of  clamp for it will get too hot to hold once you begin the soldering process.  Then paint a layer of flux onto the copper tape.  This is a must for the solder to adhere to the copper by melting and flowing along the edges.

  • Step Four: Adding your jumpring to the charm.  This is the most difficult step in the entire process. There are many bloopers involved in this  step for me.
  • Step Five: After  the jumpring has been attached, the charm is ready to be cleaned.  I wipe down the sides with a wet cloth.  This is a must because the flux will get on the glass easily.

  • Step Six:  The  charm is ready to be  added to a necklace, bracelet or whatever you have envisioned for charm. This charm is going on a medium chain link bracelet for me.  I will add other charms to it that represent who I am.  Notice there is a crown and a bee for “The Queen Bee”.  Hallie told me just yesterday that she was the princess and that I was jealous of her……my seven year old daughter.  I just let her think it because as she may be the princess, I AM THE QUEEN BEE!!!!

I will be adding charms as I find those that pertain to “ME”.

I would also like to add this little side note…….

Each charm is hand crafted so imperfections are present.  I have to remind myself of this.  As much as I would love for it to be imperfection free, it is hard to control hot flowing solder.  I think this just adds charm to the charm…..don’t  you???

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Baby steps

I’m giving some new features a test run and trying them out. (My like and share buttons to be exact.)   I appreciate your patience and support in this process………and do I mean process.  I admire all those who understand this computer language because it is foreign to me.  However the folks at Pappashop have been more than FABULOUS!!!!!  If you need a web host or web server or both, I suggest Pappashop.

AND if I sent you something from WordPress via Facebook……SORRY!!!  I’m learning!!

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Who Dat Ready to get busy on a Project??

I am chomping at the bit to finish up my embroidery jobs so I can spend sometime on my next project.  I think I will try to share each step with you.  I am hoping to have it underway by Friday…….just in time for the SAINTS game.  Who Dat!!

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Making a Change

My very first blog post for my “new” blog.  For the past two and a half years, I had another blog that was linked to my website. During that time, I also managed a website where I offered you my most popular items.  With so many people addicted to Facebook (myself included), I have noticed that most of my customers were fans of my Facebook page and lots of “word of mouth” locals.  My site really was not getting sales from Internet traffic.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a few…..very few!! LOL!!!

After lots of thought, I have decided that it is time to cancel my website.  I WILL STILL BE MONOGRAMMING AND OFFERING MY MELAMINE ITEMS. I will just be doing it via Facebook and my new blog.  I have lots of ideas that I want to share via this blog.  It’s my hopes that all of you will begin to follow me on the blog.  I want to share in detail what you can do and how “YOU” can use my creations.

So over the next 11 days of transitioning, please be patient with me.  I know a lot of you are getting ready for a new school year and a new tailgating season which means lots of new bows and tailgating platters in which I will be happy to create for you.  The website should still be a working website til August 11, 2013.  You can always leave me comments here or message me via Facebook if you would like to place an order and can not do so via the website.

Thank for all of your suppor,t and I hope my new blog will inspire your creative side.

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